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Frequently Asked Questions

See some of the most commonly asked questions below. 

Please also review our Terms and Conditions page for Sauna Rules.

If you have a question that is not covered here, feel free to email or DM via social media page.


What do I wear?

You can wear swimwear or light loose clothing in the sauna. Wetsuits are too heavy and you will become too hot.

Can I bring my teenager with me?

This service is for people aged 16 years or older

How hot will it be?

The sauna will operate at a temperature of between 80 and 90C approximately

What about Covid?

We ask that if you have symptoms of Covid-19 that you do not enter the sauna.

Under the guidelines we are operating in pods of up to 6 people per session.

Do I need to bring anything?

We do advise you have a bottle of water and a small towel with you.

I am pregnant, can I use the sauna?

We require all pregnant women to discuss the use of the sauna with their doctor before booking

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