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Terms and Conditions

Please review the below terms and conditions before booking. If you are not agree please do not proceed with your booking. By booking with us you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions.


We do not store any personal data from data entry and credit cards. All data is dealt with directly with the payment gateways that we use. We will only hold onto your information for our membership needs and in no way will we sell it to 3rd party companies.


It is important abide by health and safety guidelines every time you visit a sauna.

Sauna is strictly for over 16 years. 

Never wear any creams or lotions.

Bring a clean, cotton towel to sit on. This will help keep you clean and comfortable, as well as protect the benches from body oils.

Do not eat, drink alcohol or take drugs before you take a sauna as you could become nauseated, dizzy and may become unconscious.

The benches and floors may be slippery, use caution when moving around the sauna.

Never throw water on the stones when there are people near the stove, because hot steam may burn their skin.

To prevent dehydration, drink plenty water before and after the sauna.

Do not stay in a sauna for longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Taking a break, 10 minutes is advised (or go for a swim) before re-entering is advised.

Leave the sauna immediately if you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or lightheaded, and let a member of staff know you are not feeling well.

Do not use the sauna if you have an open wound.

Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using the sauna.

Do not leave disabled people without supervision in sauna.

Never wear any jewellery in a sauna and make sure your swimsuit does not contain any metal parts. The metal may heat up and possibly burn skin.

Do not hang clothes to dry in the Sauna, as this may cause a risk of fire.


In consideration of being permitted to use the Sauna facilities, located at CLONEA BEACH OR ANY OTHER LOCATION WHEREBY THE SAUNA OPERATES, you the user hereby execute this Assumption of Risk and Liability Waiver Form (the ‘Waiver’) upon making your appointment. This Waiver covers the entirety of your period of use of the Sauna pursuant to the associated booking agreement with The Hot Pod (the ‘Owner’).


For the purposes of this Waiver the “Owner Related Parties” refers to the Owner’s management, employees, subcontractors, agents and representatives, volunteers, sponsors, insurance carrier or equipment suppliers.


This Waiver relates to use of the “Sauna” being the allotted 30 minute use period and other related facilities including without limitation, the entrances to including steps, showers or ice baths situated within the immediate vicinity of the Sauna and does not relate to any space outside of the immediate vicinity of the sauna.




I understand and acknowledge that my use of the Sauna involves risks including, but not limited to the risk of property damage, bodily injury and possibly death.


I am electing to use the Sauna of my own free will and confirm that my decision to use the Sauna and to execute this Waiver is entirely voluntary. I assume full responsibility for all risks that may arise out of or result from, directly or indirectly, my use of the Sauna.





I acknowledge, warrant and confirm as follows:


  • This Sauna is not supervised inside the Sauna by the Owner, its employees or by any Owner related parties

  • I have read and agree to comply with all of the Sauna Rules and understand that the safe and proper use of the Sauna is dependent upon strict compliance with the Sauna’s Rules.

  • I have no health problems whatsoever which preclude me from using the sauna.

  • I have the skill, qualification, physical ability and training necessary to properly and safely use the Sauna, should I have any questions as to what skill, qualification, or training necessary to properly and safely use the Sauna, then I shall direct such questions to my doctor and or the appropriate individuals.

  • I understand that the Owner reserves the right to revoke or terminate my authorization to use the Sauna for any violation of this Waiver, or the Sauna Rules & Regulations.




I agree to pay for any and all damages to any property belonging to the Owner or any Owner Related Party caused by me negligently, willfully or otherwise.




I understand that I am solely responsible for any medical, health or personal injury costs relating to my use of the Sauna. I understand that if I have any concerns I should consult with my doctor and undertake a physical examination prior to the use of the Sauna.




Except in the case of negligence, I, my spouse (if any), heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby release, waive, discharge hold harmless covenant not to sue the Owner nor any of the Owner related parties for any and all claims, liabilities, judgements, costs and expenses related to such claims, for any property damage, property loss or theft, personal injury or illness, death or other loss arising from or relating to my use of the Sauna.

I hereby further waive any protections afforded by law in respect of any claims arising from my use of the Sauna, including unknown future claims.


By making an appointment and using the Sauna you confirm that you have read and fully understand the Sauna Rules, and this Waiver and understand that it relates to the surrendering and releasing of my legal rights. Upon such you agree to this Waiver freely and voluntarily, with the full intent of releasing the Owner and Owner Related Parties from liability for injury or loss due to the inherent risks of my use of the Sauna.

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